Yak wool Mahamaya

Mahamaya provides yak wool from traditionally sustainable pastoralism
by the Changpa nomads from the Changtang Valley, Ladakh.

Yak wool, along with cashmere wool, is one of the most valuable types of wool in the world. No wonder, because the wool of the yaks from the Himalayas has numerous special features and is extremely comfortable to wear. It is as delicate and soft as cashmere wool, keeps you warmer than sheep’s wool, regulates moisture, is breathable and even allergy-friendly. The reason for all these properties is the extreme thickness and the multilayered slip of the wool fibers. Because the yak fur actually consists of two layers – the top fur and the undercoat. The cover skin is primarily used for the production of coarser woolen goods such as ropes, ropes and blankets. Our wool, in turn, comes from the fine undercoat. In contrast to the top hair, this is spinnable.

Why do we sell the yak wool of the Changpa nomads?

We are now trying to establish more partnerships for the distribution of yak and cashmere wool in order to be able to actively improve the living conditions
of the Changpa nomads. The financing of the hostel for nomad children near Leh is particularly important to us.
(see Hostel project)

Book tips and library

We are pleased to introduce our little “library” to you.
Some of these books can be borrowed from Mahamaya e.V. for a small fee.
Conditions: 50 cents per day, 12 euros per month.
These fees are deductible as donations.

“Schmerz, Liebe, offene Weite”


Pain-Love-Open World: Susanne Mic’s recession at Infothek Waldkinder

The entry in the way of awakening


from Peter Osten,
Psychotherapeut, Munic

Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life


A Buddhist poem for the present day

“The Celestial Sherpas Of Ladakh”


by Rajshree Anand Stories about nomad children in Changtang, Ladakh




from Tsültim Allione

Testimonies of female awakening,

Theseus Verlag

The energies
of life and
of dying

from Ulli Olvedi,

Meditative energy work according to the principles of Buddhist Tantra