Schachukul Gonpa School

“Why our school is so important in this region” …

“I believe true education will always hunger you
to learn new things, which can obviously,
promote our inner value ….. ”

Sonam Dawa

Impressions from Schachukul

A film by Susanne Mic – nature educator

With the diversity of nature, the children in the Himalayas build a sustainable ecological connection to their home.

Ambassador of the nature children of the different countries

with Susanne Mic and Lama Konchok Gyaltsan, international ambassador, Ladakh, North India

Get to know the ambassadors of nature children personally,
take part in one of their workshops and find out how the movement of the nature and
forest children is active in the different countries.

Susanne Mic, nature educator, works playfully with the children.

2020 – Construction of a “Green House” next to the school

Vision: Growing vegetables for self-sufficiency and as school lessons

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